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Custom Packaging

B & B Package Express is the go-to store for custom packaging in Lincoln City, OR and the surrounding areas. We offer custom packaging for every product imaginable. With our custom packaging service, we can save you time and guarantee your items arrive intact at their destination. Our specialty packaging entails properly packaging fragile and high-value items, such as antiques, art, and crystal.


Our custom packaging gives you peace of mind you can count on. Let our packing experts pack and ship your items. We offer you the safest, most convenient, low-cost solutions to all your packaging needs. We are the most reliable custom packaging service provider in the Lincoln City, OR area, we will save you time and money.

Our experienced and friendly staff will pack your precious items quickly and expertly. We have advanced packing materials, and we know the best ways to arrange your items to avoid destruction during shipping. We always recommend to our clients that they purchase quality packaging. Our level of professional packing goes beyond industry standards, and we guarantee every item we pack for you will get our personal attention.

We will be more than happy to provide you with a free estimate before we start. Our personalized service is the key to making you happy and our business successful. When you do not feel like trying to figure out the right box size for your package, we have got you covered. We know that proper packing is both a science and an art.

If you need custom packaging, turn to B & B Package Express.